Megs Miller

Co-founder Salón de Agave, Mexico City, Mexico​ & Co-founder CATA Agave Bar, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Canadian born, Megs spent the past 18 years travelling the world working in some of its best cocktail bars and driving her passion for agave. Starting in bars & live music venues in Australia for 5+ years, she went on to work at renowned Bramble Bar in Edinburgh, Opium Cocktail & Dim Sum Parlour in London & Potato Head Group in Indonesia. ​

​Pursuing her love for agave, she worked with Altos Tequila as a Global Ambassador for 6+ years. During this time, she worked on projects such as Comunidad (a drinks & bar consultancy based in Cartagena, Colombia) and opened FAM Bar in London. ​

​Now you can find Megs living out her dreams in Mexico visiting agave producers; at her agave tasting room, Salon de Agave; or on the beach in Tamarindo, Costa Rica at CATA Agave Bar.

Sofia Barrera

Sofia was born in Mexico City, starting her career in hospitality in bars at the age 21 where she fell in love with agave spirits culture, since then she’s been fully committed to building awareness in the agave distillates industry.Sofía is now creating her own mezcal brand dedicated to spreading the culture, tradition & preservation of traditional and generational mezcales.Now she is focused on agave studies, research and conservation behind traditional mezcales all over México.